Roe Is Gone, Now What? 

In this week’s Good Faith podcast, David French and I don’t do a deep dive into the legal or political dimensions of the ruling, but instead take a look at the social and spiritual dimensions.

Why Pay Attention to the January 6 Hearings?

Some folks are fascinated by the unfolding narrative of the January 6th hearings, but many are simply tuning out, feeling it is just more "politics as usual." This week David French and I discuss why we should be paying attention to these hearings. We explore some of the underlying stories around the key players involved and how those stories not only impact how we think of these people, but perhaps even how we think of ourselves.

Russell Moore Wants Us To Be Strange (but not Crazy)

We aren't called to be "crazy" but to Biblical fidelity, mixed with a healthy dose of rational thought.

Gun Violence, Gun Rights & Gun Idolatry

In the past few weeks, headlines have blared one mass shooting after another, all across America. What can be done? How do we talk to people on the "other side" of the debate?
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