How do I purchase a course for my small group?

You can view and purchase our available small group series here. Follow the check-out process as directed on screen. Once purchased, access your account dashboard at the top of the navigation bar and click “My Account.” On the menu, click “My Products” then click on the course you purchased.

How do I create a small group within the course?

  1. After logging in, locate your your account at the top of the navigation bar and click “My Account”.
  2. On the menu, click “My Products.”
  3. Click on the button “Create a Group.” Enter your group’s name – for example, [your last name] group – then you can choose to enter the name of the group leader if you wish. (Note: This function is not available for The After Party.)
  4. The unique group code will then be generated to send to small group participants, which you can email to them directly through the website by clicking “Email Invite to Participants” (note: each participant will have to create an account to use the unique code for the small group).
  5. If you choose to generate an email, a window will appear where you can enter the email addresses of your group members, along with any other additional information that you may want to include. You can add up to 20 members to your group.
  6. Your group members will then receive an email with the link to join your group, as well as the code that they can use to access the course. Please note that the link in the email will ask them to either log in (if they already have an existing account with Redeeming Babel) or register for a new account. After logging in or registering, they will then be able to enter their group code to access the course materials.

How do I access course materials?

You can access your course materials by clicking “My Courses,” and then selecting the course you wish to access.

To view the participant workbook, click the button at the top of the page labeled “View Workbook.” You and your group members can either choose to download the PDF and print out copies for your members to write on, or simply type your answers directly into the digital workbook. The advantage of working within the digital workbook is that your answers are automatically saved and only you can access them any time you are logged in to your account.

Up to how many groups can I purchase a course for?

We offer discounted rates for up to 30 groups for God’s Purpose for Your Organizational Life and The Anxiety Opportunity courses. The After Party will be free for individuals and groups for all of 2024. If you have more than 30 small groups please email us at info@redeemingbabel.org.

How do I go through a course with my small group?

  • If you go back to your course page by clicking the “back” button on your browser, you will see the entire course content outlined at the bottom of the page. Start with “Session 1” and click on the first lesson.
  • Each lesson will contain either a video to watch or a workbook exercise. Follow the instructions for each lesson, and once you’ve completed the lesson, be sure to click “Complete and continue” at the bottom of the page.
  • If your group is meeting remotely, each group member will view the video segments on their own device, then answer each workbook question on their own, which they can access directly within the lesson.

How can I meet with my group virtually?

All our available courses are designed for small groups both meeting in person and virtually online. If your small group is going through a course virtually, we recommend using a video-based communication app, such as Zoom or Google Meet (Please note: The free version of Zoom only allows meetings to last 45 minutes. Since each session lasts 1+ hour, plan to purchase a paid account). Each group member will join the virtual meeting through a link provided by the group leader at the decided time. Group members can view video content on their own device (with their microphone on MUTE), and then reconvene to join the group for discussions and exercises. Some lessons will involve breaking up into pairs or triads. This can be done either through group phone calls, or using the breakout session functionality on Zoom (see instructions here).

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