We need toradically recenteron Jesus.

We don’t have all the answers, but we know we have lost our way. As Christians, we must confront toxic polarization and heal our broken politics. As we rebuild, we have a perfect example. Jesus refused to be defined by the politics of his day, and he calls us to be salt and light for our world as well.

 Our identity in Christ is far more important than any political party. But separating our Christian identity from our political one can be challenging. That’s what we’re here to explore together.


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Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing one another in love.



Political Discipleship

January 16, 2024
8:00 pm Eastern
In an event geared for pastors, Curtis and Russell assess how the concept of "discipleship" applies to Christian political engagement.
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Pernicious Polarization

February 12, 2024
8:00 pm Eastern
Curtis and David share how Christians can resist the pernicious effects of polarization, self-sorting, and the partisan media.
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Pastoring and Politics

March 8, 2024
12:00 pm Eastern
In an event tailored to pastors and other church leaders, Curtis and Russell share practical strategies for faithfully shepherding congregations through a contentious election cycle.
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Reframing the Christian political identity

The six-session course challenges us to move from the "what" of ideology to the "how" of biblical virtue, adopting the posture of a disciple, with Jesus as our Teacher.

How versus What

Jesus teaches about the “how” of political engagement more clearly than the “what” of specific parties, policies, or politicians. The Jesus “how” is summarized by the Micah 6:8 triad of humility, mercy, and justice.

The True Us versus Them

“Us versus Them” mentality opposes the “mind of Christ”  and camouflages our true spiritual enemy: dark “powers and principalities” that seek to divide humanity.

The After Party

Our deepest fears and hopes will never be answered by the victory of any political party or politician but rather only by the wedding feast of the Lamb, the return of our King Jesus.

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