Have you ever wondered: What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

The Bible was not written to address the proximate problems of political life; it speaks of another Kingdom. Yet, though we are citizens of Heaven, we still live on this Earth.

Race: A Family History

Recently, Nancy French joined Curtis on the Good Faith podcast to discuss her new memoir, Ghosted: An American Story. The book is a must-read, packed full of captivating stories—some tragic, others hilarious. “My life is crazy,” Nancy told Curtis in the episode. “I feel like I should be 85 years old with all the stories […]

A More Interesting Quiz

Good morning! Our April newsletter coincides with exciting news: The After Party book is out today! I co-wrote it with my dear friend Nancy French, and we’re both thrilled that it’s finally available for friends like you who are asking, “Isn’t there a better way for Christians to engage in politics?” Today, I want to […]

The Transformative Power of Music

From Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman to Johann Sebastian Bach, host Curtis Chang engages in a captivating conversation with Good Faith contributor Andy Crouch about the profound significance of music in our everyday existence. Through insightful anecdotes and reflections, they explore how to actively listen to music and let it transcend mere entertainment to become a powerful conduit for meaning, expression, and even spiritual meditation. Join them as they harmonize on the transformative role of music and its timeless resonance in the human experience.
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