Cancel Culture and Biblical Hospitality

Imagine the following scenario. A host invites a guest to his home. The guest fully warns the host, “Are you sure? Some of your neighbors will think I’m not one of them and will not like me.” The host reassures the guest that his invitation stands. So, the guest packs up his bags and leaves […]

Responding to Cancel Culture

My good friend David French had been invited to speak at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA). But when his invitation was announced, the right-wing faction within the PCA — along with forces outside the PCA — generated a mob-like response to have him canceled. It’s tragic when individual Christians cancel […]

Have you ever wondered: What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

The Bible was not written to address the proximate problems of political life; it speaks of another Kingdom. Yet, though we are citizens of Heaven, we still live on this Earth.

Race: A Family History

Recently, Nancy French joined Curtis on the Good Faith podcast to discuss her new memoir, Ghosted: An American Story. The book is a must-read, packed full of captivating stories—some tragic, others hilarious. “My life is crazy,” Nancy told Curtis in the episode. “I feel like I should be 85 years old with all the stories […]
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