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ChatGPT’s Impact on Human Flourishing

ChatGPT is making more ripples across more industries than any other artificial intelligence innovation. Will it take our jobs or solve our problems? Though our headlines and feeds are soaked with anxiety and speculation, we’re asking the wrong questions.

Hinge Moments: What to Do When Life Changes

We all have moments in which opportunities present the possibility of dramatic change, which are – frankly – sometimes unsettling.  Dr. Michael Lindsay calls these instances “hinge moments,” since a hinge can either shut or close a door leading to very different pathways in our lives.  

David French and Curtis Chang Answer Listener Mail

In this special “Ask Me Anything” podcast, we respond to questions about how to find a good church; how to interact with family and friends who are lost in the right wing media bubble; how to consume pop culture; and all the ways in which I am an apostate from progressive orthodoxy.

Don’t Be a “Sleeper Agent” of Courage

I was sitting in a pew in a Nuremberg church called the Church of Our Lady, wondering what I would’ve done had I been a Christian in Germany as Hitler rose to power.
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