We Need to Build: an Interview with Eboo Patel

Those committed to re-founding America as a just and inclusive democracy need to defeat the things we don’t like by building the things we do.

Feeling Overwhelmed by the News Cycle?

We’re being overwhelmed on a weekly basis by a relentlessly heavy news cycle, making the dripping of bad news feel more like a thunderstorm.

Classical Liberalism and Racial Justice

“If we face America’s racial history squarely, will it mean that the American project is a failure? Conversely, if we think the American project is a worthy endeavor, do we have to lie, downplay, or equivocate about our past?”

Roe Is Gone, Now What? 

In this week’s Good Faith podcast, David French and I don’t do a deep dive into the legal or political dimensions of the ruling, but instead take a look at the social and spiritual dimensions.
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