Forgive Us Our Debts: a Christian Reflection on Debt Forgiveness

What happens when an individual owes more than he can possibly repay?  What happens if a territory is weighed down by crippling debt?

Anxiety as Opportunity

Instead of battling anxiety, what if you saw worries as a doorway to spiritual transformation? What if you had a different framework for approaching fears and no longer considered anxiety as an enemy to defeat or a sin to overcome? What if you no longer tried to rid yourself of anxiety through sheer faith or willpower, which leads to feelings of shame and frustration?

Don’t Play Political Jenga with the Midterm Elections

People increasingly have a Jenga-esque approach to politics.  They are taking out – through their support of dishonest, conspiracy-minded politicians - the foundational bedrocks of democracy and threatening the stability of our republic.

Are Christian Personal-Finance Books Economically (and Spiritually) Wrong?

Money affects almost every aspect of life, yet churches rarely help us think spiritually about how to handle it.
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