Category: The After Party

The Distortion of the Gospel

In recent years, the intersection of religion and politics has become increasingly fraught, particularly within evangelical Christianity. What was once a message of love and redemption has transformed into a tool for wielding power and control as some evangelical leaders and groups have aligned themselves closely with political movements and agendas, often at the expense […]

Why evangelicals won’t abandon Trump after his conviction

This piece originally ran in The Hill on 6/12/24 and can also be viewed here. Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts was a victory for the rule of law. But it won’t shake his core base support among white evangelicals. That’s because the quasi-mystical bond they share is based on something more than facts; […]

Playing the Long Game

In the midst of a high-tension election year in America, a crucial question emerges for Christians: to whom, or to what, are we really pledging allegiance? Can our identity as followers of Jesus fit neatly into binary partisan affiliations? What does it mean to pledge our allegiance to a ruler who is not of this […]

When the culture war lands on your doorstep

While deconstruction sometimes refers to a person’s doubts mounting until they no longer profess to be a Christian, there’s a healthier way to deconstruct that can actually strengthen our faith.
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