Why Should Christians Care about Criminal Justice?

When you think of “Christians and the law,” you might think of an attorney who focuses on pro-life issues or the First Amendment. Or, more recently, you might think of political activists attempting to overturn the recent 2020 election results. However, our characterizations fundamentally miss (or sometimes completely undermine) the true scope of justice the Bible portrays.

Why is Sending Kids to College So Hard?

You’ve packed your child’s clothes, driven them to college, settled them in their new dorm room, and said a tearful goodbye. Why do we do this? What now? 

Twitter and the Printing Press

This week, David French and I are joined by Karen on the Good Faith podcast, who talks about the current state of affairs in social media, particularly Twitter, and compares its impact on culture and the church to the printing press. 

In Times of Trouble: Watch and Pray

Ever feel “the end of the world is nigh?” If the cultural chaos is getting you down, how ought you think, feel, and pray during these tumultuous times? 
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