Category: Institutions

A Campfire Story: Building an Institution in Your Neighborhood

Almost 25 years ago, Harvard University political scientist Robert Putnam published his groundbreaking book, Bowling Alone, which documented the decline of American civic life since the mid-20th century. Today, Americans see their friends and family less, belong to fewer organizations, and are less likely to know their neighbors. It’s a startling trend that can be […]

Pursuing Justice in a Broken World

Based in Jesus’ teachings and example of love, compassion, and righteousness, the Christian call to “seek justice” beckons believers to be agents of change – a message that resonates with profound significance in a deeply unjust world. In the pursuit of justice, where do the paths of law and religion converge, and where do they […]

Why Church Leaders Should Develop Christian Teaching about War (Now, Not Later)

Curtis and "founding friend" David French explore Christianity and armed conflict. Viewed through the prism of the Ukraine War, they explore Christian just war theory. David, a former Army lawyer, walks through the moral and theological origins of the law of armed conflict. Curtis emphasizes the differences between the institutional purpose of the state and the church when it comes to war. Applying those principles to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they discuss the necessity of Ukrainian resistance and the importance of American aid.

In Times of Trouble: Watch and Pray

Ever feel “the end of the world is nigh?” If the cultural chaos is getting you down, how ought you think, feel, and pray during these tumultuous times? 
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