Announcing Our New Manager of Partnerships & Projects, Aryana Petrosky

Redeeming Babel is pleased to announce our new Director of Strategic Partnerships, Aryana Petrosky.

The Importance of Rest and Remembrance

It's important for any human being to see these, because we all will experience loss.  If we are trying to avoid loss, or to constantly recapture what was lost, we’re going to live a futile, exhausting life.

Justin Giboney: How Both Political Parties Fail Urban Christians 

Ever feel left out of the political conversation, because your values are not represented by either political party?  You might tend towards wanting justice but find your political party is out of step with your spiritual values.  Or, you might tend to want to preserve your spiritual values but find your party ignores the injustice that many Americans have suffered.

The Religion of American Greatness: What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism

How is the religion of American greatness an illiberal political theory, at odds with the genius of the American experiment?
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