Author: Redeeming Babel

We Can’t Go Back to Normal

Curtis Chang and "founding friend" David French dive into the question we've all been wondering: When will politics feel normal again?

Attacking the Housing Crisis While Turning a Profit

Curtis Chang talks to Michael Hall and Jimmy Wright about their movement to create affordable housing for refugees while addressing a blind spot in our current housing market.

“Prison Theology” in the Persecuted Church

Nancy French talks with Bob Fu, “the operator of the Chinese Underground Railroad.” They delve into quite a lot -- a murder plot, Bob's imprisonment in China, his dramatic escape from China, and more.

Grieving Lost Connections and Forming New Ones

Curtis Chang and Russell Moore discuss the sorrow of alienation from Christian loved ones, friends, and institutions where they previously belonged. They also marvel at God's creative work in forming new connections across tribal lines.
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