Author: Redeeming Babel

The After Party & CCCU Ambassador Program

Today‚Äôs college students have been formed in a period of intense partisanship and polarization, and next November many will experience a presidential election as voters for the first time. Are the students on your campus equipped to honor Jesus Christ in their political life and to engage in healthy dialogue across the political spectrum? In […]

“Your conscience is shocked and you see things you couldn’t before.”

Bri Stensrud explains the aftershocks many women face in their home communities after learning what's happening at the border.

“I simply didn’t know what to say.”

David Brooks takes us with him on his journey to become more human.

“It’s Complete Abandonment, a Loneliness.”

Curtis Chang and David French sit down with Rabbi Michael Holzman and discuss the relationship between Christians and Jews in this time of crisis.
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