Author: Redeeming Babel

Grieving Lost Connections and Forming New Ones

Curtis Chang and Russell Moore discuss the sorrow of alienation from Christian loved ones, friends, and institutions where they previously belonged. They also marvel at God's creative work in forming new connections across tribal lines.

“I’m Afraid my Dad Won’t Recognize Me.”

Curtis Chang speaks at the National Immigration Forum in Ohio. He discusses why understanding anxiety is crucial to understanding the experiences of immigrants and the communities receiving them.

Countering Christian Nationalism With Healthy Patriotism

In this Good Faith classic, David French and Curtis Chang discuss a troubling movement within the Evangelical church: Christian nationalism. They dig into questions such as: What is Christian nationalism and why is it so hard to define? Why are debates over American history so emotional? What does healthy patriotism look like?

Shiny, Not-So-Happy People

David and Nancy French tell the story of David's close encounter with the cult of Bill Gothard and delve into why he walked away. Nancy also tells the story of how David led her to Chist, and they discuss how Christians can find immense hope when light is cast on darkness within the church.
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