Author: Redeeming Babel

Curtis Chang Discusses “The Anxiety Opportunity” on the Catholic Faith Network

Recently, Redeeming Babel's Executive Director Curtis Chang appeared on the Catholic Faith Network to discuss his new book, "The Anxiety Opportunity."

Ministering on Both Sides of the Gun

Curtis Chang sits down with Michael Allen and David Dillon, the co-founders of Together Chicago. They discuss the dramatic ways God moved the two unlikely friends together to combat gun violence in Chicago. They discuss how collective impact organizations fight issues in new and necessary ways. Allen also shares the strategies he's developed to minister "on both sides of the gun," working alongside both gang leaders and police officers.

Confronting Gun Idolatry

In this classic episode, David and Curtis grapple with the complex topics of gun culture and gun control. They notice a troubling phenomenon – gun fetishism – and how it matches the biblical description of idolatry.

How Do Revivals Achieve Lasting Influence?

Curtis Chang and "founding friend" David French discuss Asbury's revival and the revival they experienced at Harvard in the '90s. Together they ask, "What makes a revival sustainable? Should we judge a movement by its core or by the people on the periphery? And why would we ever need to shut the services down?"
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