Author: Redeeming Babel

The Importance of Sharing Food and Stories

“Read” the story of your life to see how the ultimate Author of your story (God) has shaped your destiny. Share these stories with friends around a dinner table.

Why Church Leaders Should Develop Christian Teaching about War (Now, Not Later)

Curtis and "founding friend" David French explore Christianity and armed conflict. Viewed through the prism of the Ukraine War, they explore Christian just war theory. David, a former Army lawyer, walks through the moral and theological origins of the law of armed conflict. Curtis emphasizes the differences between the institutional purpose of the state and the church when it comes to war. Applying those principles to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they discuss the necessity of Ukrainian resistance and the importance of American aid.

The Lost Art of Dying (with Dr. Lydia Dugdale)

How do we face death? How can we die well? What are the cultural and medical forces that are leading so many to die poorly? Why are the practices of physican-assisted suicide and euthanasia gaining momentum and acceptance - and why has the Christian pro-life movement missed the deep connection between those practices and abortion? In this Good Faith podcast, Curtis and guest Dr. Lydia Dugdale talk about life and death issues (literally) that affect every single human being.

How Color Blindness and Racial Idolatry Both Miss the Mark

Rev. Justin Giboney and host Curtis Chang discuss how the Black church provides insight on the limitations of the progressive/conservative labels for all of us. Justin and Curtis also share candidly from their own experiences, giving everyone an intimate window into the complexities of racial identity and faith.
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