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The Anxiety Opportunity

7 Session Series for Individuals and Small Groups

Anxiety is a universal condition…
…especially now.

During this pandemic, even those who don’t consider themselves “anxious people” have felt fear and worry around health, finances, politics, race, or some other life disruption.
Yet, conventional Christian culture can make us think that we shouldn’t feel anxious, or that we’re just supposed to “pray it away.” And secular culture also views anxiety as a problematic condition to manage or medicate.
This series presents a surprising Gospel truth: that anxiety is a powerful opportunity to grow as followers of Jesus.We show you how to take spiritual advantage of your fears and worries. You will learn to encounter Jesus through your anxiety with the help of Scripture, physical practices, nature, prayer, and new self-understandings.

This series can benefit individuals or entire small groups. Note the following for small groups:
  • Small group leaders should expect less than 10 minutes prep time per session.
  • The series is designed to work well in person or remotely (via Zoom, etc.).
  • When the group series is purchased, up to 20 participants will be provided free access to the materials (via coupon code).

Preview the first session for free here, or review the Series Outline below.

The entire 7 session series is available for $49 per small group (discounts for multiple groups) or $19 for individuals.

Meet Your Instructor: Curtis Chang

Curtis Chang is a consulting professor at the Duke Divinity School and a Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary. His ministry experience includes serving as a senior pastor of an Evangelical Covenant Church in California and in campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. You can learn more by visiting our About page.


“Loved how well structured this was for people and leaders to engage — super easy to follow, and the iterative way you taught allowed the concepts to really sink in.”
Testimonial 1
“This was fabulous. Incredibly safe, authentic, and powerful.”
Testimonial 2
“This study was incredibly helpful in bringing our small group together and sharing vulnerably.”
Testimonial 3
“As a small group leader, I really appreciated how everything was laid out for me, requiring only minimal prep time.”
Testimonial 4
“Even weeks after the last session our small group is still talking about the concepts.”
Testimonial 6
“This study helped me realize that all my anxieties, large and small, are worthy of bringing to Jesus.”
Testimonial 5

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