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Join host Curtis Chang and his friends as they follow Jesus and make sense of the world. With expertise, thoughtfulness, and humor, they discuss how Christian faith intersects with culture, politics, work, entertainment, and other aspects of life. Good Faith is ranked in the top .5 percent of all podcasts.

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With more than 100 episodes and guests as varied as author Andy Crouch, New York Times columnist David Brooks, and Christianity Today editor-in-chief Russell Moore — and of course, Founding Friend David French — the Good Faith podcast has a lot to offer! To help you navigate all that content, we’re beta testing a new Good Faith Chatbot.

Just type in your burning questions and the chatbot will search our library and generate a response. But please remember we’re still beta testing this tool and artificial intelligence is not without limitations, so please take everything with a grain of salt and be patient with slow load times.

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Good Faith Classic: What the heck is a Christian nationalist? (with David French)

For this episode, we rerun David and Curtis tackling the topic of Christian nationalism. What is it exactly? How does it relate to a genuine Christian understanding of how faith should relate to a nation? And how does it relate to our Founders’ intentions? Curtis and David also explore the nature of healthy patriotism and how to love your national home, warts and all.

Shiny, Not-So-Happy People (with David and Nancy French)

Shiny Happy People, a new docuseries documenting the effects of the teachings of Bill Gothard on the Duggars, had the biggest debut of any documentary series ever produced by Amazon.  In this episode of the Good Faith podcast, guest host Nancy French and “founding friend” David French discuss this popular series, the legacy of Bill Gothard, purity culture, and the true hope for those affected by this anti-Biblical ideology.

When Faith and Power Mix (with Cherie Harder)

We’ve witnessed story after story about the abuse of power practiced by Christians and Christian institutions. Does that mean that, to quote Lord Acton, that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely?” How should followers of Jesus relate to the possibility of wielding power? Cherie Harder, the President of The Trinity Forum, is ideally suited to address these questions. She’s spent a lifetime in the corridors of power and shares a wealth of theological and practical wisdom on this important topic.

Guns Part 2: A Christian Response to Gun Violence (with Michael Allen and David Dillon)

How can Christian respond to the epidemic of gun violence sweeping our country? Michael Allen and David Dillon join us to share about their inspiring work with Together Chicago. They are an unlikely pair in a racially divided city torn by violence: Michael is a former black pastor and David is a white business executive. Starting with their own friendship, Michael and David have led an innovative and inspiring campaign to counter the evil of gun violence with collaboration and hope.

Guns Part 1: Good Faith Classic on Gun Culture and Control

This week, Curtis kicks off a two parter on the tough subject of guns in America. Part 1 is a Good Faith Classic where Curtis and David explored the tensions between gun culture and gun control in our hyper-polarized environment. They help us take a step back to think through the “how” of approaching such a complex issue versus just the “what” of our preferred policy outcome. Stay tuned for next week’s Part 2 episode where Good Faith explores what a Christian response to gun violence could look like.

How do revivals achieve lasting influence? (with Kevin Brown and David French)

The Asbury revival of early 2023 garnered a great deal of interest from Christians hungering for signs of hope. What’s happening there now? In the first part, Curtis talks with the President of Asbury University, Kevin Brown, to learn more about the experience itself and how the institution has sought to steward this outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the second part, “founding friend” David French joins Curtis to reflect more deeply on how God works through revivals, drawing on Asbury, US history, and especially their shared experience of revival at Harvard in the 1990’s.

Facing Spiritual Abuse (with Dan Koch)

We examine the phenomena of spiritual abuse with the help of Dan Koch, researcher, therapist, and host of the podcast, You Have Permission. Both Curtis and Dan share how their own lives have been affected by spiritual abuse, and then together address questions such as, “Why can it be difficult to spot? What kind of impact does it leave? What makes spiritual abuse distinct from other kinds of abuse?” The conversation connects important theological insights - including the nature of institutional sin and redemption - with practical advice for victims, their loved ones, and current leaders of Christian organizations.

Finding Rest in a Restless World (with Andy Crouch)

Longtime friend Andy Crouch joins Curtis to talk about what it means to truly rest the way God intended us to do so. Why is rest so important to creativity? What is the difference between rest and leisure? Is binge watching Netflix actually restful? What are other key mistakes we make in approaching this vital topic? The conversation is Good Faith at its best, combining Biblical theology, cultural analysis, and practical living.

Report from Ukraine (with David French)

David returns from his recent trip to Kyiv to provide an eyewitness account of the war, including what it is like to survive the terror of a hypersonic missile attack by the Russians. He and Curtis discuss the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll of the war on the Ukrainian people. They explore what lessons we all should take from this ongoing, world changing event.

The Anxiety Opportunity and Loss (with Curtis Chang)

Curtis Chang, the regular host of the Good Faith podcast, takes a turn in the “guest seat” in this special episode in which Nancy French interviews him about his new book, The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry Is the Doorway to Your Best Self. Curtis, who has suffered from anxiety to the point of losing his job as a senior pastor, offers up hard-earned wisdom that could transform one’s view on parenting, relationships, and even politics. Curtis also talks about the way the church gets anxiety wrong, how Jesus dealt with anxious people, and how grieving is a necessary component of effectively walking through loss.  

What People Are Saying About The Good Faith Podcast

“There’s no podcast I listen to that gives me more to think about than Good Faith. I wish there were more people with such an informed, thoughtful, and Christ-centered perspective on the issues of the day as David and Curtis. I love the way that they bring their differing perspectives to the table in an engaging and respectful way. Highly recommend!” – Teresa

“Now these are Christians, deep thinkers who integrate Christian truths with current world situations.” – Linda

“Have been listening to the show for several months now. David and Curtis are thoughtful in their choice of topics and share insightful content, bringing different perspectives politically. The show has become a routine of my week. I find quotes worth writing down each week.” – RG

“This is a breath of fresh air. Tackling our political and social issues head on with grace and truth. With a concern for the witness of the whole gospel.” – Anne

“I greatly appreciate how David and Curtis thoughtfully address each topic each week. I also appreciate how they are willing to take on current issues that Christians in America are wrestling with. They model how to respectfully and kindly discuss ideas worth talking about. Most of all, I appreciate that they help me think biblically thereby reminding me that I am first and foremost a citizen of God’s Kingdom.” – Murph

“I really appreciate the nuance and gracefulness that David French and Curtis Chang bring in talking about hard topics that are relevant in our national discourse.” – Mikey

“This is a thoughtful and valuable discussion on Christian faithfulness in a culture of craziness at the extremes and an exhausted majority in the middle. It speaks to the opposite temptations to either withdraw from the battle or try to win the battle. Good Faith podcast is one of my favorite sources of honest, relevant engagement with church and societal issues.” – Bob Fryling

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