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The Uses and Misuses of the Book of Revelation (with Tremper Longman III)

Many Christians are tempted to just avoid the Book of Revelation. It can seem confusing and hard to read. Yet this avoidance can leave us vulnerable to the misuses of this part of Scripture, especially in making sense of our world. Here to help us is distinguished Biblical scholar, Tremper Longman III. Join us as we dive into the helpful - and unhelpful  - ways to read the final culminating book of the Bible.

Can Jesus help you pick stocks? (with Robin John and Finny Kuruvilla)

Should your investment portfolio as a follower of Jesus look any different from everyone else’s? Do our Biblical values have implications for our 401K? Robin John and Finny Kuruvilla founded Eventide Investments because they believe the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” They join Curtis to explore how we as Christians can pursue a kind of financial investing that “makes the world rejoice.”

Responding to Suffering (with Dr. Curt Thompson)

What is happening inside us when we ourselves suffer or those around us are suffering? What is happening in our brain? In our soul? Curtis is joined by “the other Curt” - Dr. Curt Thompson - to talk about his new book, The Deepest Place: Suffering and the Formation of Hope. Their conversation explores questions such as: What is the connection between our desire for beauty and our vulnerability to suffering? Why do we avoid others when we ourselves are suffering? Why do the sufferings of others make us so uncomfortable? Most of all, the they probe for the invitation of God amidst suffering.

When Will Things Return to Normal? (with David French)

“Founding friend” David French returns to address with Curtis the visceral question in many hearts and minds, “When will things return to normal?” They explore all the questions behind the question, such as “What exactly is ‘normal?” Does it differ for different people? What picture of the past undergirds my longing?” They compare this political and social moment with past eras in American history and church history. Most importantly, they ask, “Is this the right question that God would have us ask - or is there a better question to pose in this particular moment?”

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