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Good Faith Podcast

The After Party (with David French and Russell Moore)

In front of a packed house at the National Press Club, Curtis Chang, original Good Faith co-host David French, and editor in chief of Christianity Today Russell Moore introduce the After Party project. The project seeks to heal the currently troubled relationship between Christians and politics. The conversation was hosted by Trinity Forum president Cherie Harder. In this wide ranging discussion, they talk about where we as Christians have gone wrong and how we can reform our political mindset with timeless Biblical truths. 

Good Faith Podcast

Recovering Our Storytelling Superpower

Curtis and Nancy French explore the power of storytelling in everyday life.   Nancy, a professional storyteller and New York Times best-selling author, urges listeners to “read” the stories of their own lives – in order to see how the ultimate Author of their stories (God) has shaped their destinies.  Curtis and Nancy also encourage people to inhabit other peoples’ stories and to interview family members, such as parents, to more clearly see the context of their “origin stories.”

Good Faith Podcast

How should Christians prepare for war (the real kind)? (with David French)

Curtis and "founding friend" David French explore Christianity and armed conflict. Viewed through the prism of the Ukraine War, they explore Christian just war theory. David, a former Army lawyer, walks through the moral and theological origins of the law of armed conflict. Curtis emphasizes the differences between the institutional purpose of the state and the church when it comes to war. Applying those principles to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they discuss the necessity of Ukrainian resistance and the importance of American aid. 

Good Faith Podcast

The Lost Art of Dying (with Dr. Lydia Dugdale)

Curtis and guest Dr. Lydia Dugdale talk about life and death issues (literally) that affect every single human being. How do we face death? How can we die well? What are the cultural and medical forces that are leading so many to die poorly? Why are the practices of physican-assisted suicide and euthanasia gaining momentum and acceptance - and why has the Christian pro-life movement missed the deep connection between those practices and abortion?

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