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How to cultivate the inner life we need to face a chaotic world

Our outer world – our politics, our society, our organizations, even our local community and families  – can be enormously complex and even chaotic at times. How do we make sense of all that happens around us? Author and therapist Alison Cook joins Curtis to explore a key strategy: exploring our inner world. They discuss why grasping our inner complexity is critical to properly understanding our external world. This rich discussion covers the theological reasons for this process, as well as many practical steps on how to get started in this inner journey.

How we talk about cancer (with Nancy French)

40% of all Americans will receive a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime and practically every adult will know someone who already has. How do we talk about this reality? Nancy French, who recently was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer, joins Curtis to talk about how we talk. In a wide ranging, vulnerable, and candid conversation, Nancy shares about topics like why she doesn’t personally find the “fight cancer” language helpful (even if it might be helpful for others); why people are uncomfortable talking about serious illness; how cancer can be both a horrible and beautiful experience at the same time; and more gems.

Escaping the media echo chamber (with David French)

Repeated studies show that the current media landscape is worsening polarization and weakening our ability to grasp truth. How do we escape getting trapped in our own “bespoke realities?” This Good Faith episode draws on a recent webinar led by Curtis and David French where they address how Christians can adopt better information habits.

Why is there so much poverty in America? (with Matthew Desmond)

How are Christians supposed to think, feel, and act as they walk by a homeless person? As they drive through an impoverished neighborhood and pass by its residents? Our reactions will be strongly influenced by how we answer the question, “Why? Why are these people poor?” To wrestle with this question, Curtis is joined by the leading scholar on American poverty today, Matthew Desmond, author of Poverty, by America. Together, they explore why most Americans are missing the full answer – and the special responsibility of Christians to live out the Biblical answer. 

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