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The Unseen Spiritual Powers Shaping Our World (with N.T. Wright)

Host Curtis Chang engages in an enlightening discussion with renowned New Testament scholar, pastor, and author N.T. Wright. They delve deeply into the concept of the "principalities and powers" in the writings of the Apostle Paul, examining the invisible - but powerful - spiritual realities behind our institutions, politics, and culture. Listen and discover how God meant for us to relate to these “powers” in the light of the Gospel.

The Secret Life of Pastors (with Dr. Mark Turman)

Host Curtis Chang invites Dr. Mark Turman, Executive Director of Denison Forum and Vice President of Denison Ministries, to join him in examining the unique challenges faced by pastors in the American evangelical tradition. Both former pastors themselves, Curtis and Mark unpack the actual and perceived struggles that have made so many pastors contemplate leaving their roles. They also champion a missional mindset that can change the way pastors do gospel work and practical advice for congregants who want to support their spiritual leaders.

Can Political Violence Come From the Church? (with Elizabeth Neumann)

Host Curtis Chang sits down with Elizabeth Neumann, a national security expert who served both the George W. Bush and  Donald Trump administrations. Together, they explore the alarming rise of radicalization among everyday citizens, including within evangelical communities, and its implications for both the Christian church and democracy. Neumann shares her insights on the roots of this growing extremism and what we can do to address and mitigate these threats.

Learning to Disagree (with John Inazu)

Host Curtis Chang and Washington University professor of law & religion John Inazu explore principles that can teach us to cultivate greater empathy and respect for the differences we encounter in our daily lives. If you feel like you always have to be right, their conversation offers practical insights and stories that reveal how legal frameworks and Christian principles can inspire more compassionate interactions in a world brimming with diverse thoughts.

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