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How this series works (VIDEO)

Welcome to Redeeming Babel’s series “God’s Purpose for Your Organizational Life”. This series is designed for both individual and small group participants and consists of seven sessions, each with short video segments, discussion topics, prayer and time for individual reflection.


Individuals may go through the series at their own pace. The lessons are designed to be self-guided. For activity-based lessons, there will be specific instructions listed for individuals.



IMPORTANT: To participate, every member of the small group must first enroll in the series here. Your small group leader should have provided you with a group access code. If you do not have this code, please contact your group leader.

Enrollment will give you access to the video teaching, exercises, Participant Workbook, follow up instructional resources via email (if you allow this option – we promise we won’t share your email with any other party), and other benefits.

After you enroll, just download and print out the Participant Workbook (or follow along with the Digital Workbook) and you are ready to go!

If your small group is meeting in person, you will watch the video segments together on a common device like a laptop (ideally connected to a larger screen if possible).

If your small group is meeting remotely, you will view the video segments on this site individually on your own computer. This will require having your browser open to this site while also having your video conference application open for the interactive segments. Keep both open simultaneously for easy switching. While watching the videos on this site, you should mute and minimize your video conference application (with Zoom, this keeps it open as a small window while you are on this site). We strongly recommend against having one person play the videos for everyone via Zoom’s screen share function as this leads to highly inconsistent playback experiences.

Each session should take approximately one hour in total. We recommend budgeting at least 90 minutes for your entire small group experience (including chatting, announcements, ice-breakers, etc.)

For each session, have your Digital Participant Workbook accessible on your computer or mobile device. Alternatively, you can download and print out your Participant Workbook at this link to fill it out by hand. It is also a good idea to have a Bible with you.

Click here for FAQs for Small Group Leaders

For all other issues, email support@redeemingbabel.com.

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