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God’s Purpose for Your Organizational Life

7 Session Course for Small Groups

Organizations and institutions can seem cold and inhuman, somehow disconnected from the lives we lead. But the reality, especially in modern society, is that most of us are organizational beings. We work in companies or other types of institutions. We are members of churches and other civic organizations. These entities can feel soulless, but they are anything but. All organizations are human organizations, they only exist as a collection of people for a particular purpose. In God’s Purpose for your Organizational Life, we seek to uncover some surprising biblical truths about human institutions. In the process, we also discover that our lives can be more fully imbued with God’s purposes when we begin to appreciate that He is not just interested in our individual and family lives, but also our organizational lives.

For this small group course:
  • Small group leaders should expect less than 10 minutes prep time per session.
  • The series is designed to work well in person or remotely (via Zoom, etc.).
  • When the group series is purchased, up to 20 participants will be provided free access to the materials (via coupon code).

Meet Your Instructor: Curtis Chang

Curtis Chang bridges the worlds of secular institutions and Christian theology. He has won an Obama White House award for social innovation as the founder and head of Consulting Within Reach (CWR), a firm serving nonprofits and government organizations. He teaches strategic planning as a faculty member of American University. You can learn more by visiting our About page.

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