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Small group leader checklist

Small group leader checklist:

  • Make sure everyone has enrolled for the series, using the provided unique group code.
  • Make sure everyone can access the workbook electronically or has printed out the workbook.
  • For in person gatherings, set up and test internet connection to this site. Consider connecting a laptop to a larger screen if possible. Test the sound and playback for the video segments.
  • Have a timer available to track the activities and discussions, but keep in mind that all activity and discussion times are suggestions, so feel free to move through the lessons at a pace that feels comfortable to you and your group.
  • Budget at least 90 minutes for your entire small group experience, including time for chatting, announcements, ice-breakers, etc. Each session is designed to take 60-75 minutes to complete in a small group setting.
  • Preview the segments to get a sense of the flow of the session (in your preview, you don’t necessarily need to watch the videos in their entirety).

Virtual small group instructions:

  • We strongly encourage that everyone participate in the same mode (remote or in person). We have found that hybrid participation (where some people are remote and others are in person) can lead to frustrating experiences for both kinds of participants.
  • Set up a video conference function (i.e., Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) to host all non-video segments. Zoom is best because it provides breakout rooms. However, you will need an account that allows for 1 hour+ meetings (the free version only allows for 45 minutes).
  • Make sure everyone is logged into this site, and knows to click “Complete and Continue” after every segment.
  • Participants should watch the video segments on their own computer with video conference on mute. Playing video via one person’s screen share will likely cause a poor playback experience for everyone. Everyone should start watching the videos at the same time, so that people will be ready to connect for the other non-video segments at the same time.
  • Prepare to setup breakout rooms for smaller discussion groups during the session. If you have never done this, we recommend practicing doing this at least once ahead of time.

Breakout Rooms:

  • Note: Zoom only allows this functionality after the session has started. Here are instructions on breakout rooms from Zoom.
  • If using a conferencing solution that does not have breakout rooms, consider holding smaller discussion groups via separate phone calls. Distribute phone numbers ahead of time and assign the discussion groups (which will usually be in pairs or threes).
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