Author: Curtis Chang

Are the Midterms a Sign of the Times?

Curtis Chang and David French didn’t wade into the minutiae, the “who won/who lost” political machinations.  Instead they attempted to consider the results in a gestalt way, to uncover what this election might be signaling for our country, our culture, and our church. 

He Gets Us: Does Jesus Need an Ad Campaign?

You may have watched a big sports event on television and seen one of the black and white ads from the “He Gets Us” campaign. Designed to introduce Jesus to a culture quite intrigued by him, this campaign has created both curiosity and questions. 

Forgive Us Our Debts: a Christian Reflection on Debt Forgiveness

What happens when an individual owes more than he can possibly repay?  What happens if a territory is weighed down by crippling debt?

Anxiety as Opportunity

Instead of battling anxiety, what if you saw worries as a doorway to spiritual transformation? What if you had a different framework for approaching fears and no longer considered anxiety as an enemy to defeat or a sin to overcome? What if you no longer tried to rid yourself of anxiety through sheer faith or willpower, which leads to feelings of shame and frustration?
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