Author: Aryana Petrosky

Join the Redeeming Babel Team

Redeeming Babel is a dynamic non-profit that creates content and fosters conversations to equip Christians to find clarity in a confusing world. Redeeming Babel produces thoughtful material across multiple media types (videos, podcasts, print) to support the deep formation of hearts and minds. We have a distinctive focus on developing innovative video-based curriculum for individuals […]

The After Party & CCCU Ambassador Program

Today’s college students have been formed in a period of intense partisanship and polarization, and next November many will experience a presidential election as voters for the first time. Are the students on your campus equipped to honor Jesus Christ in their political life and to engage in healthy dialogue across the political spectrum? In […]

Campfire Stories

Do you have a story about overcoming anxiety, making a small change in an organization, or bridging political divides in a relationship? Or do you know someone who does? Those of us who gather around the Good Faith “campfire” week in and week out want to hear more stories from the community. We are looking […]
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