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Announcing Our New Manager of Partnerships & Projects, Aryana Petrosky

Redeeming Babel is pleased to announce our new Manager of Partnerships & Projects, Aryana Petrosky.

Aryana has worked for the American Enterprise Institute’s Initiative on Faith and Public Life, organizing events and conferences for college students and professors on topics related to Christianity, politics, law, business, and public policy. She was also an assistant producer for the documentary For Love of Neighbor: Politics for the Common Good.

In her work, Aryana has shown her dedication to questions surrounding how Christians can best serve the public square in all of its various nuances and challenges. This makes her a good fit for Redeeming Babel.

“There are fewer and fewer spaces where Christians from different backgrounds can come together to have honest and thoughtful conversations about our complex world,” said Aryana. “I am excited about Redeeming Babel and Curtis Chang’s scholarship because everyone is invited to the table. My hope is that Redeeming Babel continues to point Christians towards the path of redemption in all aspects of their lives from day-to-day experiences with anxiety to the institutions that give structure to church, work, and politics.”

Aryana is also a writer and aspiring poet. Her work has been published at Breaking Ground (a project of Comment), Mere Orthodoxy, and Vita Poetica

Banner Image Credit: Marco Verch Professional via Flickr

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