What’s on the Midterm Ballot for Christians?

So how should Christians be approaching the midterm elections? Apart from the basic question of who to vote for, are there perhaps deeper questions to consider? What about the fact that 60% of Americans will have an election denier on their ballot this year? Is our democracy as unstable as a game of Jenga? Join David and Curtis for this enlightening discussion around the midterms and how we as Christians should be thinking about our role in the process.

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Live Not by Lies

-The New York Times – Democrats Aid Far-Right Candidate Against Republican Who Backed Impeachment

-Five Thirty Eight – 60 Percent Of Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall

-David French (The Dispatch) – Stacey Abrams Challenges the Pro-Democracy Left

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Produced by Kris Carter

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