Should I stay or should I go – the GOP version (with David French)

“Founding friend” David French returns to tackle the tough question that every Republican of good faith should be asking. They explain why this particular question of “Should I stay or should I go?” is highly relevant for everyone, regardless of political affiliation. The conversation explores the ways that political calculations inescapably are spiritual in nature, and the two have a fun time unpacking this reality via the “pirate ship” metaphor. Listeners will especially be helped by how David and Curtis explain the three main options – Leave, Stand, or Hide – facing anyone who feels caught in a deeply dysfunctional institution.


For those who want to connect with other “Leavers,” share your thoughts with others on the Good Faith “lifeboat” in the comments section for this episode (you only need to become a member by subscribing here – it’s free). 


For those who want to make a “Stand” for the soul of the evangelical church, learn more about The After Party project.


For those interested in the mindset of “Hiders, read Anne Applebaum’s excellent analysis of the psychological rationalization practiced within the GOP  (The Atlantic).


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