How to run a group (“quick start guide”)

You want to lead a group of people through The After Party. Now what? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started.


Step 1: Invite your church, friends, or family to join you. You can use the “how to pitch to your pastor” or “how to recruit your friends” guides.

Step 2: Register for the course. Once you are registered, you can login to your account to access the course in your “my courses” tab.

Step 3: Read the facilitator guide. We have provided a list of best practices and instructions.

Step 4: Print the PDF of the workbook or ask your group members to register for the course to access their own private individual online workbooks built into the course.

Step 5: Meet for six weeks with your group and enjoy the course!

Step 6: Fill out the end of course survey and share what your experience was like in the course to receive a free digital copy of The After Party book.

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