How to recruit your friends

Interested in hosting your own group? Some thoughts on how to recruit your friends:

Start with all of the information above! In addition, one of the easiest ways to pitch The After Party course to friends and your community is to have a solid list of why people might be interested in taking the course and quick descriptions of what the course is – and is not. Consider sharing some or all of the below with your friends:

Why would someone want to sign up for The After Party?

  • I’m really sad about the relationships that have been broken as a result of politics.
  • I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like the way things are.
  • I’m not sure what the Bible says about how we should engage in politics?!
  • I’m just exhausted.
  • When I think about November, I feel really scared.
  • Are my politics supposed to be more important than my identity as a Christian?
  • I’m really not sure how faith & politics should (or shouldn’t?) mix…
  • I read all true Christians are voting for X. Is this true?
  • It’s hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t agree with me. But I think I want to…
  • I’d love for my kids to have a better experience with politics than I’ve had. Is it possible?

What it is…

  • A guide to political discipleship
  • A way to form community
  • An educational course about political polarization
  • A course for anyone from high school to retirement

What it isn’t…

  • A guide on how to vote
  • An endorsement of a particular party, policy, or candidate
  • A Bible study
  • Only for Republicans. Or Democrats. Or people who all agree.

We also recommend checking out our list of marketing resources, which includes course summaries, trailer videos, and more. Once you have established your group, read through the instructions on how to run a group here.

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