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These are anxious times. So, how do we as Christians not just survive anxiety, but thrive spiritually through it?

We’ve created a biblically sound, original small group course that helps point our anxiety back to Christ.

Watch the first video here:

Does your church need…

  • Relevant, trusted materials that your small groups will actually enjoy
  • Original lessons that will grow your congregation’s relationship with Christ
  • Structured resources that your entire congregation can walk through together
  • Theologically sound studies created by Redeeming Babel’s Curtis Chang, faculty of the Duke Divinity School and Senior Fellow at Fuller Theological Seminary, whose ministry experience includes serving as a senior pastor of an Evangelical Covenant Church in California.

Preview the entire 7-part course here.


“Loved how well structured this was for people and leaders to engage — super easy to follow, and the iterative way you taught allowed the concepts to really sink in.”
Testimonial 1
“This was fabulous. Incredibly safe, authentic, and powerful.”
Testimonial 2
“This study was incredibly helpful in bringing our small group together and sharing vulnerably.”
Testimonial 3
“As a small group leader, I really appreciated how everything was laid out for me, requiring only minimal prep time.”
Testimonial 4
“Even weeks after the last session our small group is still talking about the concepts.”
Testimonial 6
“This study helped me realize that all my anxieties, large and small, are worthy of bringing to Jesus.”
Testimonial 5

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