FB Pastor Lander

Biblical small group frameworks that point our anxiety back to God.

So how do we reconcile our anxiety with our relationship with God? Our Biblically sound, original course provides you with a turnkey, small group framework to help point those with anxiety back to Christ.

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“Even weeks after the last session our small group is still talking about the concepts.”

“This study helped me realize that all my anxieties, large and small, are worthy of bringing to Jesus.”

“As a small group leader, I really appreciated how everything was laid out for me, requiring only minimal prep time.”

“This study was incredibly helpful in bringing our small group together and sharing vulnerably.”

“This was fabulous. Incredibly safe, authentic, and powerful.”

“Loved how well structured this was for people and leaders to engage — super easy to follow, and the iterative way you taught allowed the concepts to really sink in.”

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