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Join Our Team: Now Hiring a Video Director

Redeeming Babel is spearheading a new project called The After Party: Towards a Better Christian Politics. The After Party (“TAP”) will produce curriculum and other resources to equip Christians (especially within the US evangelical community) to approach politics in a healthier and Biblically grounded mindset. The core message of TAP is that Jesus is deeply concerned that Christians reflect God in the how of our politics, and not just the what of particular policy or party based outcomes. The message to practice humility, mercy and justice (Micah 6:8) and to love our enemies that transcends the partisan divides of the day.

We believe that churches have been left to deal with the pressures of politics alone. There is a pressing need for a high quality curriculum to resource local congregations. Our internal catchphrase is: “What the Alpha Course did for evangelism, we want to do for politics.” 

The project will revolve around the leadership of David French, Russell Moore, and Curtis Chang and will be housed within Redeeming Babel. The project has already secured philanthropic funding to launch production.

To get a sense of our voice and message, please see:

The Partisan Mind vs the Mind of Christ

Democracy is in Danger: Should Christians Care?

Christian Nationalism, an Interview with Curtis Chang

Purpose of Video Director

The After Party is seeking a Video Director to serve as a thought partner with TAP leadership team in the overall design of the core curriculum, and then to oversee the production of the video content that will be at the center of the curriculum. The Video Director will interact with the leadership team and other national Christian voices that will be recruited for the project. However, s/he will work most closely with and under the supervision of Curtis Chang in terms of regular execution of the project.

Skills Needed:

The Video Director will:

  • Share the overall mission of TAP and bring complementary insight into the challenges of the contemporary political world and how it has affected the American evangelical community. Demonstrated experience in producing video content for this audience and around related topics will be highly valued.
  • Possess expertise in taking complex ideas and condensing them into broadly accessible and visually appealing content. This should include both shooting footage as well as creating motion graphics to illustrate abstract concepts. Note: the technical aspects of motion graphic creation can be outsourced to other parties, but the Video Director will be expected to oversee the process.
  • Collaborate with TAP leaders in designing how the video elements will support the broader pedagogical and spiritual formation goals of the curriculum, including being integrated with group discussion and individual reflection exercises.
  • Adopt the best film aesthetic and elements for the audience, message, and purpose of the curriculum. 
  • Design sets and select locations to create an appropriate mood and style within our productions.
  • Create videos that can be used in the curriculum format and also be repurposed for other contexts, like social media. 
  • Have access to any necessary backdrops, green screens, digital backdrop displays as well as shooting on location.
  • Have access to experienced videographers, audio technicians, grips, and gaffers as well as a post-production crew consisting of equally talented editors, motion graphic artists, and audio mixing engineers allowing us to have a high quality finished product.

Interested applicants should email Curtis Chang at and include resumes and links to any relevant work samples.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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